Ch Fantango Dress Circle 


Whelped: 10/8/2010
Hips 1:1, Elbows 0:0, Eyes clear, Heart clear, Ichthyosis clear


Achievements: Audrey titled easily as a youngster with many great wins along the way. She was Puppy of the day at Sydney Royal in 2011. Audrey is expecting her second litter shortly.



Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE Ch Giltedge Blackwatch




 Ch Standfast Dream Ticket From Kerrien (Imp UK)

Sh Ch Crowood Butch Cassidy
Darrachonna Tzarini of Standfast
 Yellowfetch Pixie Dust CCD  Ch Giltedge Hemingway
 Yellowfetch Yippee


 Fantango Academy Award

 Dewmist Silversong (Imp SWE)  Swd Ch Nor Ch Erinderry Gaelic Minstrel
 Swd Ch Dewmist Silveretta
 Ch Fantango Centre Stage  Ch Dobro Samurai Guy
 Fantango Come What May